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Industrial Sector

Roll Adhesive products are manufactured to enhance the strengthening, assembly, fixing and protection processes in many industrial applications, such as:

  • Paper stationery: upon the customer's request, Roll Adhesive offers paper and paperboard adhesive treatments and cutting with different thicknesses, along with various chemical treatments.
  • Graphics: the wide range of One-sided or Double-sided adhesive tapes available are the best choice in graphic assembling.
  • Insulation: Roll Adhesive offers aluminum tapes of different alloys and thicknesses, meant for pipeline junctions. The company uses adhesives ensuring the best performances and adhesion properties even at the critical temperatures this specific sector often reaches.
  • Fashion: Roll Adhesive also produces One-sided tapes in leather, synthetic leather and cotton meant for the textile sector.

Roll Adhesive's reliability and professionalism make each manufactured product customizable. The company offers a wide range of items for very diversified industrial sectors and is able to provide each customer with the most suitable solution to meet his/her specific demands. Roll Adhesive can in fact customize the products' cut, support and coating to supply a custom-tailored solution