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This innovative product is a Roll Adhesive's patent. Alutherm is made of an aluminum adhesive-coated foil that, mixed with an additive, shows remarkably enhanced thermal conductive properties.

Alutherm is the evolution of the use of adhesives to make two surfaces adhere, in fact, such material is ideal for conducting both heat and electricity.

Roll Adhesive invested in the research on the use of additives combined with traditional pressure sensitive acrylic adhesives. Such studies led to the production of a specific additive substance and to the creation of an entirely innovative product.

The special characteristic of the new Roll Adhesive product resides in its high performances, which are not affected by the nanoparticles mix addition.

Alutherm was analyzed and examined by different laboratories, all studies agreed on the important and remarkable effect of the additive on the product in terms of thermal and electrical conductivity.

Alutherm can be supplied in different formats as roll or foil, ranging in thicknesses from 50my to 400my, and containing a various percentages of nanoparticles.