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Double-sided tape for medical use

Roll Adhesive's double-sided tape is manufactured to have one side with a high degree of adhesiveness so to ensure a strong adhesion on textiles, while the other side is coated with CERTIFIED and DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED glues, suitable for direct contact with human skin.

Accredited laboratories carried out tests on the double-sided medical adhesive tape for:

  • Skin Irritation: the products were found to be NOT IRRITANT (ISO 10993-10:2010)
  • Cytotoxicity: the products were found to be NOT CYTOTOXIC (UNI EN ISO 10993-5:2009)
  • EO sterilization compatibility: the products were found to be STERILISABLE (USP Ed.38:2008)

Roll Adhesive's double-sided tapes preserve their adhesiveness even after the sterilization process.

During the surgery, the adhesion properties are not affected by body fluids or other fluids used for surgical procedures.

Different sizes and versions of the product are available on request, it can be supplied with single or double liner, with finger-lift to facilitate the liner removal, in reel or as a single sheet.