• 06012 Città di Castello, PG
  • 075 8523004
  • info@rolladhesive.com
  • Refrigeration Industry

  • Tricological Sector

Roll Adhesive manufactures and develops high quality self-adhesive materials mainly for industrial and medical application as well as in the refrigeration sector.

Roll Adhesive is committed in providing customers with a complete and flexible service, meeting the need for evolving products and abiding by the growing quality standards. The aim is to satisfy both the customer as well as the market.

The company offers:

  • products that fully satisfy the users and direct and indirect customers' demands
  • skilled and experienced staff

Roll Adhesive's mission is based on the idea of high quality self-adhesive products, manufacturing and sales. The company aims at ensuring the full customer's satisfaction in terms of product customization, services and technical support. Roll Adhesive invests in the continuous optimization and improvement of its products, so to be acknowledged as a leading supplier with an excellent customer care.